Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freedom.Freedom. UGH! Some days I just can't catch a break! Like today. I tutor a 3rd grader in reading 4 days a week for two hours each day. I only go into detail on that because if anyone deserves a break here, if anyone has earned it, it is me! :). So I am driving to my tutor session and come to a busy intersection controlled by stop-lights. I am also having a meaningful phone conversation (hands-free, of course!) with a dear friend, trying to be a support during a difficult time. (earning/deserving good fortune again!!!) I come to a full stop and proceed with caution making a perfectly executed right turn. Nice, EXCEPT, there is a posted "No Turn On Red" sign that I somehow miss while I am doing all this GOOD! (remember, on the way to tutor for my gazillionth hour while supporting my dear friend). After my CHP officer points out there are in fact THREE "No Turn On Red" signs posted, I tactfully include all my altruism in my response. Somehow, I STILL get a ticket instead of just a warning or even hopefully, a "nice job on doing all that good, lady"!

Here's is where it gets dicey. My first reaction is to think to myself that part of the reason I am involved in tutoring in the first place is because I feel God has called me to it. So, HELLO, couldn't He have bestowed a forgiving heart on my CHP officer while I was involved in God's business? A warning could have done the trick just as well as a full ticket; lesson learned with no financial loss or the mental anguish of Traffic School. Shouldn't that be the very least my doing-good earns me?

But then I come to the quick realization that if we are going to talk about who earns this and who deserves that, I better be careful. There WERE three "No Turn On Right" signs posted and the reason I didn't see them was because I was distracted by my phone conversation with my friend, another traffic infraction. Truth be told, my stop was more of a roooolllliiinnnnng stop, instead of a complete one and only two days ago I noticed (and thankfully rectified) the fact that my registration sticker was not on my plate nor were my reg and proof of insurance cards in my car. So since October I had been breaking those laws, as well. Yikes. Perhaps I got off lucky with only the one ticket!

The good news here is that all this thinking (!) happened quickly so that I was able to have the presence of mind to act like a Christian to the CHP officer. (I wear a cross necklace so that if I act snotty/arrogant/angry it is definitely 'bad marketing' for Jesus.) I told him several stories about my tutee and he hurried with my ticket so I wouldn't be too late. Maybe he (and God) saved my life in some way by making me more cautious and aware when I am driving. Maybe, just maybe, God is gracious when He doesn't give me what I deserve but instead, gives me what I need. Woah! Let's hope I remember this when I am spending my day in Traffic School!
~To God Be The Glory~ (even today)

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