Friday, June 3, 2011

Lava Petals.
Lava Petals. The processing of this image, saved it. For some reason, the petals in the original capture were splotchy, reflective and pixelated. I was disappointed because I loved the composition. So, I started playing around in Photoshop and 'smouched' (a technical term for sure!) the pixels of the petals together to achieve the final image, Lava Petals. I moved the splotchy and reflective pixels into a flowing re-creation. I love it. I can still see the lines of the original composition, but the 'healing' has made the image so much better; what I knew was there had the capture not been corrupted.

Spiritually, I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately; people's forgiveness of me and my forgiveness of others. God indicates that if I forgive others and leave them to His justice, care and love, I am free from resentment. God knows that resentment forms splotchy, unattractive pixels in my heart. When I hold onto the hurt, I am holding onto the destructive thoughts and emotions surrounding what caused the need for forgiveness in the first place. If I let God act as my Father, a Father who will vindicate me and deal in His own way with the person of my resentment, it frees me from the destruction. And when I remember there are things that people must forgive me for (sadly), I can rest in knowing that God will deal with me in the same way He deals with those I must forgive; with justice, care and love.

I want to be transformed by God's love. I want the blotchy pixels of my heart to be 'smouched' by God. I want His healing to make my heart full and my life a reflection of Him. If He says I should forgive and even pray for my enemies, I will try. I will let Him re-create my heart, as if the corruption of resentment had never happened and I will rest assured that for those I have hurt, He will heal as well. Then, I can begin to forgive even myself.
~To God Be The Glory~