Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FluffSpotlightsFluff and Spotlights. During my recent trip to DC, my shooting goal was to capture the Cherry Blossoms. I spent 4 hours walking around the Tidal Basin looking for every variation of that the famed flower that I could find! When my loop was complete I switched focus and started looking for 'weird stuff' as I sometimes refer to geometric patterns, close-in colors or textured surfaces. Fluff and Spotlights is an example of each of these endeavors. I am always struck by the seemingly obvious fact that one sees what one looks for. When I was shooting the blossoms, that is all I saw. When I was seeking weird patterns, surfaces or compositions, I never saw a blossom. I couldn't see two things at once with the decision-making focus I needed to see the specific subject I was looking for. We see what we are looking for.

My spiritual life is the same. When I am seeking God's provision, direction or enabling, I need to be looking for them, or else I miss it. My default seems to be looking at my failure, my flaws, or my self-will, even though I know from experience, that looking to myself or to those things gets me nowhere.

It seems like a simple enough plan, for when I look for God's presence in my life, I do see it. I notice the friend there to encourage me in my lonely days. I sence God's warming of my heart with forgiveness when it is cold with self-incrimination. I have the wisdom to know that a new opportunity is a step in God's path for me. But, just as with my photography, I cannot be looking at two things at once. I need to get my 'viewfinder' off of me and onto Him. Lord, Help me remember!
~To God Be The Glory~

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