Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cascading EleganceHandful of Rain
Cascading Elegance and Handful of Rain. Sometimes my best images present themselves when I least expect it. It is serendipity and I LOVE it when it happens. I feel as if God is presenting a wonderful opportunity for me, so special, so personal—a gift. I went to DC to shoot the cherry blossoms. But because of an uninspiring trip to the National Arboretum where more blossoms grew and the wisdom of a wonderful Ethiopian cab driver, I ended up at the National Botanical Garden. HA! Not through any knowledge, planning or foresight of my own, my macro lens and I discovered a bounty of images to capture! It was magical.

Lately, in my life, this wonderful unexpected joy has entered more often than not. A deeply personal and healing conversation with one of my daughters over the weekend, running this morning in a surprise rain shower when my energy level, endorphins and joints all cooperated, processing the above images in black and white when normally my go-to process would be color—all fill my heart with the knowledge that I am in relationship with a loving God who takes care of me, inspires me and brings me unexpected joy! SO VERY COOL! :)
~To God Be The Glory~

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