Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wonderfully Made
Wonderfully Made. When I view any raw image directly out of the camera, there are certain aspects I look for, a special quality that makes this image stand out from another—great lighting, clear focus, wonderful colors. Rarely does an image not need some optimization to accomplish the beauty I see when I shoot. Sometimes the focus is off and I need to sharpen it. In other images, the focus could be too sharp and I need to incorporate a 'soft focus' feel. Sometimes the image needs to be converted to black and white to make the most impact. Other times I just need to remove some stray specks of dust that got lodged on the sensor when I shot. With Wonderfully Made I intentionally cropped in on the exquisite sweep of the leaf, leaving the head of the tulip out. To me, it was the most beautiful part of the flower. I converted to black and white and added a soft etherial feel to focus in on and to convey the beauty of this sweep. I realize in my relationship with God, the same things happen. He needs to clean up my dust spots and sharpen my focus when it becomes too soft. He needs to grow and mature me. He loves me too much to leave me 'un-optimized'. He has a vision for me that will surely make the 'sweep of my leaf' impart the impact He intended.
~To God Be The Glory~

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