Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Divine InterventionDivine Intervention. Intentionality is important in my work. My resultant images are consistently better when I am intentional about my shooting. But not always. Divine Intervention was a spur-of-the moment decision, a 'grab shot'. I was beginning a hiking trip in Glacier National Park last summer. We had just flown in from the West Coast and were arriving at our hotel. I pulled out a point-and-shoot camera and 'grabbed' the shot—no tripod, no set-up, no early morning light, no intention. The beauty of the scene compelled action.

My relationship with God is very similar. When I am intentional about being in God's presence, my relationship grows. It makes sense, right? When I make a new human friend (!), the more time I spend with him/her the better we get to know each other. Thankfully though, God doesn't require any work on my part to further our relationship. During those times when I do seek Him, He honors my actions and I gain connection, insight and guidance. Yay! But He loves me too much to just leave it up to me to initiate. He knows I can be flakey, self-absorbed and rebellious. Sometimes He needs to 'grab' my attention in a way that compels me to act. He did that on the Glacier Trip where Divine Intervention was shot. In a period of rebellion, He softened my heart through the natural beauty that surrounded me and through some interactions with my hiking group. It was a wonderful intervention—one tailor made for where I was in my life and presented in a way I could hear. The nature of God's love compelled me to action. Very Cool.
~To God Be The Glory~

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