Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waiting for the LightWaiting For The Light. So much of being a nature photographer is being at the right place at the right time—ultimately hoping to capture a scene in the right lighting. To do so, one has to travel to remote places and get up before dawn. It requires preparation, planning and determination. Many a time I have been driving around in the dark wondering where that darn road is that I had scouted just yesterday! The joy comes, when the road is found, the camera set up and the waiting over. The magical lighting that has taken its own sweet time to arrive, does and the beauty of its soft exquisite tones reveal what my mind imagined it might. All the effort expended in getting there has proved more than worth it!

It occurs to me that this is what my faith is like. Whether discerning God's Will in my life or just being filled by His love, more and more I try to intentionally put myself in the place where He speaks to me. I pray, read Scripture, go to church, listen to other believers, be still—all in an effort to hear His voice. As a good friend wisely said when we were discussing faith, "I don't want to miss the possibility of something really great happening just because I didn't show up"!

Sometimes, however, when I go on a shoot, the light doesn't come. It may rain or be foggy and I need to come back on a different day hoping for more cooperative weather. The cool thing about time spent with God though, is that it is never wasted. He promises to show up and he does. My relationship has grown and I felt the love, connection and guidance I desired. God is way more dependable than the weather and during this rainy spring, that is a very good thing!
~To God Be The Glory~


  1. Loving this blog Jeanne...keep posting!

  2. A very nice post Jeanne....

  3. I agree! Putting ourselves in the places God speaks to us.... yes, that is the secret. And a very wise comment by that person in our bible Study who shall remain nameless:-) Keep going, girl!

  4. Great picture and blog post Aunt Jeanne. With pictures of scenery like this, it makes it hard to believe there is no God.