Thursday, March 24, 2011

Angry Sky
Angry Sky, reminds me of times in my life when God seemed far away from me. This sense of distance has usually happened during one of two circumstances: times of my rebellion when I didn't care what God said or did or wanted for me, or during times when I have had to wait for a response to my prayers, longings and/or understandings. Both 'distances' come down to one thing though, me wanting my own way. Either I wanted what I wanted even though it was clearly not God's intention for me or I wanted what I wanted NOW and not in God's time. The result always looked like Angry Sky . a place of gathering storm clouds, which sometimes broke into chaos, but sometimes (through God's benevolence) did not. Thankfully, unlike the sky in my image, God was never angry with me, just sad I didn't trust Him. Just like the weather we have been having in Northern California lately, I am tired of the spiritual, emotional, and personal storms .... I am going to start trusting God better. Note to Self.
~To God Be The Glory~

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