Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful Simplicity.Beautiful Simplicity. Sometimes in my processing, I choose to simplify the details of a scene. There is beauty in not seeing every edge, color or boundary of an image.

It is true in my spiritual life as well. Many times, not just some times :), I don't understand the details of my situation; where it is going, how it will end up, if I will like how it ends. Even more confounding is that the details I do understand, I want to be in different places or to have different outcomes in the 'image' of my life. My challenge is to remember that there is beauty right where I am, even though I don't understand the details. Faith is trusting that God knows and that He is actively involved. There is freedom in that and in knowing the 'image' will be better in the end if God is the one making the processing decisions. :)

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